Dr. Brittany Rudy has had over 15 years experience providing specialty treatment services for OCD and other significant anxiety disorders. Dr. Brittany Rudy is a licensed clinical psychologist who completed her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University (LSU). Dr. Rudy is a native to Greenville, SC who graduated from Clemson University for undergraduate studies. She and her husband returned to the Greenville area following her post-doctoral fellowship to begin a family and are the proud parents of a daughter and a son. During her postgraduate training, Dr. Rudy specialized in research supported strategies for the assessment and treatment of OCD, as well as other anxiety and related disorders, with special concentration in pediatrics. She completed a specialty fellowship, conducting ERP and related techniques in intensive and non-intensive formats at an OCD and anxiety specialty clinic under the advisement of Dr. Eric Storch. Dr. Rudy also has specific training in the assessment and treatment of anxiety and behavior problems in young children, below the age of 8 years; however, in her current practice, she sees all ages, specializing in treatment of anxiety disorders across the lifespan. Dr. Rudy has previously served as the Clinical Director in a local private practice and is passionate about serving the mental health needs of her community.

Brittany M. Rudy, Ph.D